Making Website Magic

The Seasons of a Web Design Business

March 08, 2022 Sam Muñoz & Karyn Paige Season 2 Episode 40
Making Website Magic
The Seasons of a Web Design Business
Show Notes

It is so easy to look at other people’s businesses, especially more seasoned businesses, and compare their success and progress to your own, tempting you to make decisions that aren’t aligned with the season of business you are currently in.  That’s why episode 40 of MAKING WEBSITE MAGIC is about the seasons of a web design business! 

The Making Website Magic School of Business is pre-enrolling. Are you consistently booking dream projects & making the money you desire in your web design business? OR are you undercharging, questioning your skills, spinning your wheels & saying yes to anyone who will pay you? You CAN have a thriving web design & dev business where you consistently work with aligned clients who actually respect you and pay you well. 

In this episode of Making Website Magic, Sam & Karyn are sharing the importance of knowing the seasons of a web design business and actionable steps you can take right now to understand and honor the season of business and life you’re currently in.

Here are just a few of the things we discuss during this episode:

  • When you compare yourself to others, you’re placing yourself on an uneven playing field that can make you feel like you’re not as good as others. 
  • Highlighting a few of the different seasons of a web design business you may encounter. 
  • Creating the distinction between different seasons of your business to better understand what you could be focusing on at any given time.
  • Understanding how your life seasons can impact your seasons of business. 
  • Strategies to not only recognize what season we are in but to honor it and to get support when you get stuck.  

It is so important to remember that when we are talking about releasing the should’s in your business, there is a world of could’s you can replace them with. Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive empowerment to step boldly into your web design business and to hear even more about the points outlined above.

Thank you for listening!

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