Making Website Magic

Your Clients Hire You for RESULTS

May 03, 2022 Sam Muñoz & Karyn Paige Season 2 Episode 48
Making Website Magic
Your Clients Hire You for RESULTS
Show Notes

When we try to sell our services to prospective clients, we may worry that we’re not good enough or skilled enough. Instead, we can remind ourselves that our clients are hiring us not to be complicated and complex as possible, but to provide results. This week, episode 48 of MAKING WEBSITE MAGIC is reminding you that your clients hire you for RESULTS! 

The Making Website Magic School of Business is NOW enrolling. Are you consistently booking dream projects & making the money you desire in your web design business? OR are you undercharging, questioning your skills, spinning your wheels & saying yes to anyone who will pay you? You CAN have a thriving web design & dev business where you consistently work with aligned clients who actually respect you and pay you well. 

In this episode of Making Website Magic, Sam & Karyn are sharing the peace of mind you will get when you stop overcomplicating your business and actionable steps you can take right now to center the skill set you do have rather than stressing about the skillset you don’t. 

Here are just a few of the things we discuss during this episode:

  • You might think it is a lack of knowledge and skills that are holding you back from getting clients when in reality, it is your mindset. 
  • Releasing the idea that something has to be complicated, time-consuming, or “made from scratch” in order to be valuable. 
  • Giving you permission to use existing plugins without lowering your prices. 
  • Regardless of how or where you gained your skills, you are still considered a professional. 
  • Putting the focus back onto your client's goals and needs instead of getting stuck in a worried, self-centered mindset that is limiting your opportunities. 

You may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover when you listen to what your clients really need and drop the worry about being the most experienced and knowledgeable web designer or developer ever. Be sure to tune in to all the episodes to receive empowerment to step boldly into your web design business and to hear even more about the points outlined above.

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